Portfolio Jozef Vilkolák

I Jump Alone

A VR infinity runner based on a grappling mechanic with cog gathering. It's focused on jumping and spidermaning yourself around a procedurally generated town on a sky bridge. All the while being chased by a darkness emanating monster. Feel the freedom of movement only a virtual environment can provide.

Don't Leave me Here

A mobile game made with Unity where the goal is to help a friend escape from hell using assassin superpowers. As team lead I was responsible for most of the programming as well as for the AI and level design.

Accidentally I Invented Paradise

A game for the Indie Speed Jam 2015. As team lead, I used Unity and was responsible for the AI and planet generation for the game, where the goal was to stop the destruction of planets.

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Input Manager

An input manager supporting SteamVR developed for use in I Jump Alone.
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A turn-based tactical game about using elementals that can absorb energy from the battlefield to wreak havoc on their enemies. The game is a cross between Heroes of Might and Magic and chess. I used Unity as well as a pure C# implementation.
Using this game I also worked on an AI system designed to learn to play the game on it's own as the topic of my Master Thesis which can be found here.